Double Action Hi-Hat

Double Action Hi-Hat; Head for speed!

In collaboration with some others, including a technical designer, I have made a Hi-Hat stand which offers the drummer the possibility to play with only the foot, at a double tempo, that’s why we named it : “Double Action Hi-Hat”. 

In a full movement of the foot, back and forth, on the footboard, the cymbals of the Hi-Hat close 2 times, first when the forefoot is pressed down and a second one when the heel is pressed down. Between these two positions, is the neutral position in which the cymbals are moved from each-other. 

This allows the drummer for instance, to play with the hand normally used for the Hi-hat, play Toms, cymbals, cowbells, instead, while the Hi-Hat groove still continues. In addition, you could think of all kinds of alternations between notes actuated by hand, and those actuated with the pedal of the Hi-Hat stand. It is even possible to play the “well known” Hi-Hat Jazz groove with only the foot, as can be seen on the video down below. 

We have made a few prototypes, and we are working on an improved version, that uses for instance, a lighter material for the footboard, that makes a smoother way of playing possible.

Although there’s room for improvement, it works already quite well as you can see on the video.

Among the people who have already tried it, are for example two drum teachers. They have seen it and tried it out, and they liked it. 

There’s also been an article about this invention (Double Action Hi-Hat) in a Dutch Drummers magazine, called : “De Slagwerkkrant”. (We are from the Netherlands). 

The invention has a “Patent Pending”  status, so it has already a status of protection. 

Our goal is to find a company that is interested in the idea and working principle and maybe reach some kind of cooperation.

It’s a prototype, so there will be still aspects of the Hi-Hat that can be improved.

We are very curious to learn what you think about this idea. If you want further information about this “Double Action” Hi-Hat, you can reach us via  the Mail. We look forward to receiving your reply!

Best regards, 

Martin Helderman